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Rør – Handmade Bamboo Utensil Kit x 6


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This handmade bamboo utensil kit of 6 includes key essential utensils at great value.

Bamboo utensils are extremely strong and durable while still being light and flexible. Bamboo is heat, stain and water resistant material and do not absorb odours. It is also very easy to clean.

1-2. A salad set of two

3. A risotto spoon which works great when making risotto as it has a large hole in the middle; this is so that you can stir the rice constantly without breaking as many grains as you might with a solid spoon. Also useful for mixing doughs or sauces where you need to use extra care.

4. A well designed spoon for general use including woks, sauces and soups

5. A spatula for general use for less liquid based cooking e.g frying lamb chops

6. A slotted spatula for use when you need to work with more liquid based cooking so the juices can drain away more easily



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