Millennials Are Changing How We Dine

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The market demand for Private Chefs is steadily growing. Mainly driven by a lack of cooking skills in the general public, an increased need for convenience and a significant interest for good food. Millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) are one of the growing user generations of these services.

Celebrities like Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Travolta, Tommy Hilfiger and many more have a chef as part of their entourage to keep them well fed. However, hiring a private chef is also becoming more common for us millennials without insane wealth or celebrity status with private chefs companies cropping up in cities across the globe. Businesses such as La Belle Assiette offer services of private chefs at an affordable price making it a viable option at least for special occasions. An “Uber of Chefs” of sorts.

Millie Ashbee, the UK press manager at La Belle Assiette told us “the new millennials are all about new experiences and they are more willing to part with cash for memories” and th

at “hiring a private chef is becoming a realistic alternative to restaurants”. This new outlook for a younger generation might one day become a strong competitive force to the more traditional restaurant industry, which will need to adapt to a changing economic and cultural landscape.

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Dining experiences are changing globally where new concepts, many started by millennials, are popping up. Concepts like E la Carte who provides tableto

p tablet ordering, entertainment and payments across the US. A way to make the dining experiences convenient, social and entertaining for guests.

To Good to Go is a Danish start-up where surplus restaurant food is available for collection before a restaurant closes service, is also moving away from traditional ways of eating at a restaurant.

These changing dining experiences are influencing the way we eat and live and the millennials’ search for new and interesting concepts may one day become the dominant voice for dining.

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