Chef & Yöung’s leadership initiative offers a unique talent development programme designed for restaurant and hospitality staff as well as culinary students.

Our team of experienced and inspirational coaches work with restaurant staff to advance their leadership, communication, teamwork, and delegation skills through a wide range of courses and one-to-one mentoring. Adapting methods from Scandinavian kitchen cultures and using extensive knowledge in how to lead and interact in a high pressure environment, the programme develops a deep understand of modern leadership techniques and teaches how to practically apply them in restaurant work.

The core modules are also a great way for culinary and hospitality institutes to provide students with crucial “soft” skills required in working life; connecting them with the real culinary world through a young, fun and eye opening experience.

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Meet A Trainer

Martin, is our enthusiastic head trainer and the man behind the C&Y Leader Programme. With a strong passion for learning, he has been involved in training and development for over 25 years and is known for his incredible energy. His young at heart attitude motivates and inspires across all career levels.
He has successfully managed the design, delivery and evaluation of courses in many large private and public organisations, such as Nokia, Barclays Bank and Ministry of Defence. Martin also works internationally and has experience of delivering management and personal development programmes in other countries such as India, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore. At Chef & Young we are proud to be the only provider in the world of Leader Programmes specialised for chefs and look forward to grow your talent!

Our Modules

Interact with Chefs


This module is aimed at chefs and hospitality staff who want to improve how they get their message across to their team members and other internal customers.

Attendees will discover how to adapt their communication style depending on the personality style of the person they are communicating with. With an improved communication style you can improve morale, build trust and gain commitment from others.

  • Elements of communication
  • Impact of personality on communication
  • Communicating with others effectively
  • Impact of listening on communication
  • What is leadership in the kitchen environment?
Deal with Chefs


This module is for chefs and hospitality staff who find it challenging to be assertive in a positive, confident way. Typical challenges faced by chefs and restaurant staff who need to develop in this area include difficulty saying no to people and therefore managing their workload, or getting their ideas and opinions across and find themselves being overshadowed by others.

It provides a general set of skills that will help people become more assertive and therefore more effective in their role.

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Identifying behaviours
  • Types of assertiveness
  • Handling conflict effectively
  • Do I coach or mentor?
Build Chef Teams


This module is for chefs and hospitality staff who need to create a high performing team to face the challenges of a busy and demanding kitchen and restaurant environment.

Attendees will learn the activities and behaviours of a high performing team and identify what needs to be done if teams are not at this stage.

  • What is an effective team?
  • Stages of team development
  • Team dynamics at each stage
  • Team types required for performing status
Develop Chefs


This module is appropriate for chefs and hospitality staff who wish to learn best practice in coaching and mentoring to develop the performance of their teams.

It explores the principles and techniques not only to effectively transfer skills but also to deal with issues such as motivation and attitude in the most effective way. Attendees will learn a range of techniques to develop new skills and behaviours to get the best from their support staff.

  • Do I coach or mentor?
  • Coaching to develop skills
  • Coaching to develop behaviour
  • Questioning skills
  • Elements of communication
Lead Chefs


This module is for chefs and hospitality staff who are responsible, not only for running the kitchen and restaurant on a daily basis but also to lead their groups towards greater future accomplishments.

Following this module, attendees will develop more flexibility in their style by having a clear understanding of when they need to manage and when there is a requirement for leadership.

The module is designed to create more self-awareness of their leadership style and where they need to develop to create an environment where they inspire and encourage people to perform.

  • What is leadership in the kitchen environment?
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Leading versus managing people
  • Impact of style on different situations
Motivate Chefs


This module is designed for chefs and hospitality staff who wish to deal with low morale within their kitchen and restaurant environment and develop drive and enthusiasm in their teams.

To motivate your team there is a need to understand what motivates individuals and how this can be used to provide a more productive, collaborative and energising working environment.

  • What motivates you?
  • The 4 R’s of motivation
  • Using 4 R’s to motivate teams
  • Motivation through delegation
Pricing & Offers

For the prices per day please click the relevant tabs. We are also offering group discounts for larger groups (8+) and separate rates for educational institutions. Please get in touch for further information.

Included in the Programme:

    • Course materials
    • Follow up support
    • Official C&Y Certification


  • Trainings to be held at clients premises for no additional cost or at our venue in London for a smaller additional surcharge
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT

Cancellation policy
Should circumstances mean that you have to cancel your course and are unable to transfer your booking to another date at the time of cancellation, the following charges will apply:

More than 14 days prior to the course start date – no charge
7 to 13 days prior to the course – 50% of the course fee
Less than 7 days prior to the course – full fee.
NB Cancellation must be made in writing.

1/2 Day

Half Day Including 1 Module

£864 Excl. VAT
for up to 7 participants

1 Day

Full Day Including 2 Modules

£1,440 Excl. VAT

For up to 7 participants

2 Days

Two Days Including 4 Modules

£2,400 Excl. VAT
For up to 7 participants

3 Days

Three Days Including 6 Modules

£3,450 Excl. VAT
For up to 7 participants

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