Bamboo Aprons

We spent months perfecting the unique bamboo/polyester blend fabric making these the ultimate aprons for performance and endurance. This world-class fabric can only be found in our own apron range. It incorporates the best of bamboo – from their antibacterial qualities to the sustainable farming it is good for both food hygiene and the environment. Not to mention that bamboo is naturally deodourising – useful in those hot kitchens!

About our bamboo aprons

Chefs and foodies love these excellent, high quality, bamboo aprons. Never worry about ruining your clothes or chefs whites when cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the Chef & Yöung Søl apron range! Like a fine wine, these aprons improve in feel and texture with age making them the best kitchen companion. Go on, get dirty.

Not only superbly useful in the kitchen and sustainably made, the aprons also look great. With their clean Scandinavian design the Søl aprons feature smooth metal grommets on the backside to which the long waist straps attach – looking great on both men and women of all sizes. The long bib apron also comes with a good-looking adjustable neck strap. Like a fine wine, these aprons improve in feel and texture with age. For best results take utmost care of your piece. Wash at 60 degrees C with a gentle detergent, let air dry!

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