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Being a chef is tough, rebellious and relentless. It’s a lifestyle for the passionate, the creative, and the playful.

We believe that the core of being a modern chef lies in the ability to live yöung. This is the foundation for creativity, passion, playfulness, exploration and the desire to learn. We are dedicated to creative expression through our culinary craftsmanship and DIY ethos. We call it the Young at Heart Attitude (YaHA™), which is the basis of our lifestyle.

What we do
Chef & Yöung is a Scandinavian brand working to grow the talent and passion of yöung chefs and foodies, promoting cooking as a lifestyle. Our youtube channel KickAss Chefs shares interesting behind-the-scenes cooking stories, our range of unique kitchen gear shows real attitude in the kitchen, and our C&Y leadership programme helps develop young chefs into industry leaders!

Our History
Everything started when the Norwegian chef, Oystein, travelled around the world and noticed that there was a high demand for quality chefs in the kitchens; meanwhile his colleagues were constantly switching jobs. He decided something had to be done and Chef & Yöung was born to bring in a new attitude among yöung chefs and promote cooking as a lifestyle.


Enthusiastic. Creative. Playful. Excited. Passionate. Hungry.

  • Oystein Mojord
    Oystein Mojord Founder

    Chef / Operations & Product / Loves Fårikål / Norwegian

  • Mattias Nordlander
    Mattias Nordlander Co-founder

    Sales and Marketing / Loves Swedish meat stew / Swedish

  • Martin Walton
    Martin Walton Trainer & Business Coach

    Head Trainer / Loves Roasts & Puds / British

  • Laura Renee Dixon
    Laura Renee Dixon Clothing Designer

    Product Development / Loves Maple Pancakes  / American

  • Sarwat Iqbal
    Sarwat Iqbal Garment Technologist

    Garment Design / Loves Chessy Pizza / Pakistani

  • Saikat Mitra
    Saikat Mitra Digital Marketer

    Branding & Online Marketing / Loves ‘Maa ki Daal’ / Indian

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